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What You Find Is What You Expect

Garrison Keillor came to Highland Park, made nice to a big audience, and then wrote a snarky column about how Dallas-area Methodists are all a bunch of torture-supporting creeps. DMN columnist Jacquielynn Floyd explains. (Via D Magazine's FrontBurner blog.) The story adds another dimension to Keillor's famously nasty review of Bernard Henri-Levy's book on traveling through America. Project much, Garrison?

For the record, Professor Postrel and I spent quite a bit of time with BHL during his visit to Dallas, explaining such bizarre Americana as state flags and why Southern Methodist University hires Jewish professors. Fortunately, we didn't make it into the book. The truest line in Keillor's review is "Nobody sits and eats and enjoys their food." Not if they're eating with BHL anyway, since he's always either sending the food back because he doesn't like it or about to bolt away to another engagement.

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