In Person

Bring Virginia Postrel to your group.

“Virginia Postrel’s cultural research and dynamic presentation captivated our team of PR, creative and interactive professionals....Any organization involved in creative thinking should consider Virginia as a speaker.”
—Elizabeth Cornelius, Vice President of Account Service, HCK2 Partners

"Virginia Postrel in person is just as dynamic and engaging as she is in print. Her topics are fresh and important but typically neglected by other public intellectuals. She will get your audience thinking hard about things that matter, and will leave them optimistic about the future."
—Edward J. Lopez, Professor of Economics and BB&T Distinguished Professor of Capitalism, Western Carolina University

For more videos, see the Virginia Postrel's bio page.

Current speaking topics include:

‟Decoding Glamour"

"To Promote the Progress of Science and My Work: Why this Professional Writer Believes in Short Copyright Terms and Generous Fair Use…and You Should Too"

"The Future of Luxury"

"Identity and Glamour: Meaning as a Source of Value"

‟Glamour and Innovation"

‟Glamour and Politics"

"Why Do People Buy Things They 'Don’t Need'?" 

Interested in something else? Let us know. Also available to curate conferences, run workshops, and teach seminars of up to two weeks. To get in touch email vp at vpostrel dot com.