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How to Get a Signed Copy of The Fabric of Civilization

Under normal circumstances, I'd be planning extensive travel and many in-person talks to promote The Fabric of Civilization when it comes out November 10. Instead, I'm doing Zoom appearances and podcasts. Knowing they won't be seeing me in person, several people have asked how they can get a signed copy. There are two options:

1) Pre-order a copy from any of the links to the right or buy it from your local bookstore. Email me at vp at vpostrel.com with the receipt, your address, and the name you want the book inscribed to and I'll mail you a signed bookplate.

2) Pre-order a copy through Chevalier's Books in L.A. When they receive their books, I'll sign them and they'll mail your copy to you. It will not, however, be personalized. If you want a particular name as part of the inscription, you need to get a bookplate.

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