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After an ill-timed crash ate a blog posting late Friday afternoon, I finally got the Jaguar CD out of the box and resolved to upgrade my Mac. That means I spent much of the weekend in the process of switching from Mac OS 9.2 to OS X.2 and to the similarly upgraded version of Office. All this "new and improved" business means learning how to do basic things like transfer my email and browser favorites to the new system (a success--thanks in part to a visit to the Apple store a few blocks away) and to get my printer to work (not yet) and my PDA to sync (not yet). I've also had to delete about 2,500 emails, just to get enough disk space to make the switch. Eventually I'll have plenty of disk space, but there's a period during the changeover where you need a lot of duplicate files.

Advice: Don't make this switch unless you have plenty of time and hard disk space.

Warning: After soaking up all this weekend time fooling with my computer, I haven't had time for blogging. Sorry.

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