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Typesetting the Candidates

Steve Heller rounds up design stars to comment on John McCain's choice of typeface. Those who can keep their politics in check have some interesting comments, with Michael Bierut and Ellen Lupton picking up a Vietnam resonance and Paula Antonelli a generational note. Matthew Carter uses the font to test vice presidential possibilities: "In the end, however, my research suggests that the optimal running mate — so long as you don't have to typeset her first name — is RICE." [Via Design Observer.]

In an earlier post, Heller talked with branding consultant Brian Collins about Barack Obama's typographical identity. He also examined the DIY graphics of Ron Paul supporters. The Obama campaign's graphic design is coherent and sophisticated, while the Paul campaign's is wildly individualized and gritty. Each in its own way represents a major departure from the generic design of most presidential campaigns.

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