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One Week Only: The Substance of Style Kindle Edition for $2.99

One of my pet peeves is the way book publishers appear to ignore price elasticity when they decide what to charge for e-books. (See my articles here and here.) For my Twitter feed, I've taken to combing Amazon's monthly list of heavily discounted Kindle editions and posting a couple of titles especially likely to interest people who follow me on Twitter. Through this process, I noticed that HarperCollins had run a sale on Neal Stephenson's Anathem (big thumbs up, but it's back to full price.) So I asked if they'd also run a special on The Substance of Style. They immediately said yes, and the Kindle edition is now on sale for $2.99--for one week. Here's the link.

UPDATE: The Nook version is also on sale for $2.99. Here's that link.

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