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Hugh Hewitt has been trying to generate national outrage over bias at the L.A. Times. So far the campaign isn't exactly catching fire, for reasons Hugh's Minnesota nemesis Lileks explains well:

There's another reason why this story won't get much play: it involves the LA Times. No offense meant to those who labor there; I'm sure there are fine talents at the paper, as there are at any paper. But no one cares about the LA Times. The NYT, the WaPo and the WSJ set the the agenda and shape the discussion. The very phrase "The Los Angeles Times reports . . ." has the same impact as "Cheryl Crow remarked."

I used to write regularly for the LAT op-ed page, and I know from experience that no one cares about the LA Times. Even the LAT gets its mattering map from 3,000 miles to the east. (Lileks also has some substantive comments on the Carroll memo.)

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