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Eugene Volokh posts a first-hand account of what's going on--or not going on--in the streets of London, from a friend who lives right in Trafalgar Square. Contrary to the predictions of Bush haters and the fears of Bush fans, protests are drawing crowds of 100 or so, not the threatened mobs. The whole post is worth reading, but here's the bottom line:

I'm not sure what you all are reading back home, but it is simply not the case that the UK -- or even London -- is rising up in anger over the Bush visit. A (small) majority supports the visit, even if a (slight) majority oppose him and the war. Not that different than, say, New York or Washington. My impression is that most Britons -- and even most Londoners -- are no more irritated by the President than by the "protesters."

Sensible people with jobs have better things to do with their time than protesting in the street. And sensible people who actually want to change policy have more effective ways of persuasion.

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