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The efficiency of the two sites' search functions could not be more different. Just try searching for my book on BN.com, using "postrel" for the author or "substance of style" for the title (or, worse, "virginia postrel" for the author). You've got to click through screen after screen irrelevant books to find it--or, if you do an author's name search, even to find the paperback of TFAIE. Worse, A home page search for "postrel" in the bookstore, without specifying that it's the author's name, yields a list topped by Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. Imagine what would happen if any other authors actually shared my last name.

By contrast, just about any reasonable search, including misspellings, will easily find the book on Amazon, which is serious about its information technology and doesn't hide books that haven't yt been officially released. No wonder TSOS's rank on BN.com rank is currently 1,000 times lower than its Amazon rank.

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