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For unknown reasons, my Internet Explorer completely broke down on Monday, so I turned to Apple's Safari browser as a backup--if only to download a new version of Explorer. The new version didn't work either, so I had several days to try out Safari. It has many nice features, including a much better way of organizing my many, many bookmarks. But, contrary to Apple's boasts, I found that it handled Java very poorly and sometimes not at all. Most annoying, I couldn't use Movable Type's "bookmarklet" feature, which allows you to easily create a blog entry from the page you want to link to. (This feature would be a lot more useful if it would allow you to automatically create links to more than a single page.) Bottom line: I was happy when, as mysteriously as it broke down in the first place, Explorer started to work again when I clicked on a link in an email. I'll probably use Safari from time to time, but Apple needs to do some more work before it becomes my standard browser.

A side note: Neither browser handles MSNBC.com's accursed new design well. I used to love that site as a quick news source. Now it takes forever to load and blinks on and off repeatedly before it's done.

UPDATE: I quit Explorer, and now it's broken again. As soon as it launches, it quits. Aargh. So I'm back on Safari.

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