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It's "Stasis vs. Dynamism" on TechCentral Station. TCS is edited, not coincidentally, by my friend and former TFAIE research assistant Nick Schulz.

The point of Sonia Arrison's article isn't, of course, to plug my first book. It's this:

The battle over how to stop online piracy of music and movies has thus far demonstrated a classic struggle between the static, institutionalized thinking of dinosaur-like entertainment companies and innovative, forward-looking technology firms.

The problem is that the technology community keeps coming up with different ways to distribute content, and instead of working out contracts to charge fees for distribution, the entertainment industry keeps trying to stop technology with the clumsy instrument of the law.

I'm all for copyright: Not only do I pay for my music, I don't even violate the NYT's copyright on my own columns! But it's not enough to "be for copyright." As Arrison argues, you have to develop institutions that work with distribution technology, not against it.

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