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Looking for Dirt on Miers

This peculiar piece by Dallas Morning News metro columnist Steve Blow illustrates what's wrong with the judicial nomination process. Blow asks readers to send him dirt on Harriet Miers, because, he says, his colleagues haven't found anything wrong with her. Why would anyone object to putting her on the Supreme Court?

We've poked and prodded into her personal and professional life, interviewed scores of people, looking for anything that bears on her qualification for a seat on the Supreme Court.

And after all that, not one associate here was found with the view that she is unqualified for the position.

Yet skepticism remains high, even among some of President Bush's strongest supporters. Some have even raised the idea that her nomination be withdrawn. So what gives? We've got great confidence expressed by those who know her best and grave doubts expressed by those who know her least.

In this view, only corruption, utter stupidity, professional failure, or ideological extremism (whatever that is) warrants opposition. So if you think a nominee is simply so-so--in this case, the successful product of a closed, parochial local business culture that eschews substantive debate--you should just shut up. Or, alternatively, try to destroy her.

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