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Kidney Reform

Science magazine has a mini-profile of Sally Satel, with news of how her experience seeking a kidney transplant "awakened her to the 'horribly broken' state of organ transplantation rules in the United States."

Sally is planning a mini-conference at the American Enterprise Institute, focusing on solutions to the organ shortage. "We will not debate whether there should be market mechanisms," she explains. "We are stipulating that they are in order. We will go from there to discuss ways to design them and overcome barriers." The conference is scheduled for June 12 at AEI and will be open to the public. I'll be participating, along with people who are actually experts on the subject. Here's the lineup:

Buy Or Die: Market Mechanisms to Remedy the Organ Shortage

Lloyd Cohen, George Mason University School of Law
Mark Cherry, St. Edward's University, Department of Philosophy, author of Kidney for Sale by Owner: Human Organs, Transplantation and The Market (Georgetown U Press)
Newt Gingrich, AEI
Michele Goodwin, De Paul University College of Law, author of Black Markets: The Supply and Demand of Body Parts (Cambridge University Press)
Benjamin Hippen, nephrologist and UNOS advisory committee member
Virginia Postrel, The Atlantic, author, The Future and Its Enemies
Sally Satel, AEI

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