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Jobs at Spirit of America

Jim Hake of Spirit of America emails:

In this message we are asking your help in finding new members of the Spirit of America team. We have both job and volunteer opportunities. Please forward this message to those you think may be interested. More information on these positions is here: http://www.spiritofamerica.net/site/about/488.

When I met with General Tommy Franks in December he said he thought that Spirit of America had a better opportunity to reduce/defeat terrorism than anything happening inside the Government bureaucracy today. That's a great responsibility to live up to.

We see the potential to make the contribution that Gen. Franks sees. Certainly the need is there. Most importantly, we think the American people are ready to participate and contribute to a broader effort to see freedom, democracy and peace prevail. Your support has provided very encouraging evidence of that. To realize this potential requires a great team of people - a team that will be able to produce even greater results in Iraq and Afghanistan and also look at appropriate ways for Spirit of America to advance freedom elsewhere, e.g., Iran, Syria and No. Korea.

Here are the key positions where outstanding men and women are needed.

Vice President, Project Management: an uber project management and operations executive with potential to be COO or Executive Director.

Vice President, Communications: a marketing, media and communications genius.

Director, Volunteers: an experienced grassroots volunteer organizer to design and manage our volunteer program from scratch.

Project Managers - Military Requests: these are volunteer positions to work with and support requests from U.S. military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We're also looking for a Development Director, Logistics Manager and Administrative Assistant. Most positions are in Los Angeles, some are in Washington, DC and a few can be anywhere. Click this link for more information and job descriptions.

These are great opportunities for talented, experienced professionals who after 9/11 have been looking for a way to make a significant contribution.

Please forward this message to anyone that would be interested in these key positions. Updates next week on many projects in the works - tools, sewing centers, Polaroid cameras, etc. -- visit our website at http://www.spiritofamerica.net for current information.

With Best Regards,
Jim Hake and the Spirit of America team

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