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David Mastio, editorial page editor of the new Washington Examiner, is looking for help:

Washington Examiner needs Assoc. Editorial Page Editor

The Examiner seeks an opinion pro to join a small team going toe-to-toe with The Washington Post. We have speed and innovation ... they had Watergate. We have new ideas ... they have writers with centuries of experience. We have a sense of humor ... they have E. J. whatshisname. We're looking for someone who can help us remake a dead art form. Skills are more important than politics as long as you can work among people who disagree. The job centers on conceiving newsmaking op-eds, finding the perfect people to execute them and then editing the copy. All our editors are also expected to write frequently.

The ability to think visually and stay ahead of the news is key. We prefer daily experience and editing experience, but we are willing to have our preferences overruled. MAIL resumes and clips to Washington Examiner Attn: David Mastio 6408 Edsall Rd., Alexandria, VA 22312

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