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It's no-doubt a character flaw, but I can't get emotionally involved with either the Hill's latest page-harrassment scandal (I'm afraid lecherous congressmen don't surprise me) or Terrell Owens's maybe-suicide attempt. Fortunately, Robert A. George, whose blog is becoming regular reading for me, has worthwhile thoughts on both, including some insider reporting on the mood among DC Republicans. And if you liked my superhero-glamour piece, don't miss his smart Memorial Day post on why major superheroes can't get divorced.

CORRECTION: The gracious Robert George notes that "the recent post about Terrell Owens was the work of this site's 'gridiron designated hitter' (to mix sports metaphors), Ed McGonigal!"

ADDENDUM: This is the libertarian New York Post editorialist Robert George, not the natural-law Princeton philospher Robert George. But surely you knew I wouldn't recommend the latter (not to mention the unlikelihood of Professor George blogging about comic books).

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