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I'm a fan of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, not just because he's been known to plug The Future and Its Enemies but because he's largely committed to the ideas expressed in it. (Somewhere buried in my files I have an old speech he gave when he was an executive at Eli Lilly, telling his fellow Big Pharma execs that they needed to embrace dynamism in their own industry.) RiShawn Biddle explains why Daniels is way up in the polls, despite riling the state's establishment (not to mention being a Republican in a Democratic year).

UPDATE: Reihan Salam jumps on the Daniels bandwagon.

In other political news, I am hereby announcing my write-in candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 30th District of California. I just can't bear the idea that Henry Waxman has no opposition, not even from third parties. This way at least the Postrels will vote against him.

UPDATE: Apparently there are ballot access rules even for write-in candidates. So that's just one more race where I won't be voting.

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