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Saturday evening, Steve and I went to the Hollywood media and blogging panels organized by Cathy Seipp, whose site has lots of links to accounts of the event. It was all extremely civil, and a fun time was had by all.

Amid all the praise for blogging, however, there were a few warning notes. Roger Simon joked that he hadn't written any novels or screenplays since he started blogging--in response to a question, he later said he had a couple in the works--and admitted that blogging is a great form of procrastination, much easier than real writing. The general consenus was that blogging takes four to six hours a day, which makes it good for workaholics and people who don't have other jobs. But even one of the latter, Mickey Kaus, said that after more than four years of blogging, he's starting to suffer from burnout. He also mentioned carpel tunnel syndrome.

All of which provides a great excuse for my approach to blogging: I may not do it every day, but at least I'm not going to burn out.

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