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Back to School (and Soccer) with Spirit of America


Spirit of America is soliciting donations for two back-to-school projects to help kids in Iraq. Operation Back Pack in Western Anbar Province was started by LTC Linda Holloway, an Army reservist and professor at Alabama A&M. As the name suggests, its goal is to provide back packs filed school supplies--25,000 of them.

The second project is also looking for school supplies, but is less focused purely on academics. Here's the request (from the guy in the photo):

My name is Sgt. Zeigler I am the Information Operation NCO for 3rd Battalion 7th Marines. We are trying to develop the city of Ramadi and improve the way of life for its people. So far there, we have had many successful projects and currently are establishing a soccer field for the local neighborhood. I am writing because we don't have a lot of funding for soccer balls and other items the people could use. We are also trying to develop a soccer league but uniforms are not available. The schools in the area are currently being refurbished but school supplies are not accessible for us to hand out to the children. These are only a few of the projects we have but there are many more [and] any assistance that your company can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

For more information on the projects, or to donate online, click through the links.

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