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$2.99 Sale on The Substance of Style Extended to May 31

The first week's results are in, and the $2.99 e-book sale on The Substance of Style has been so successful that it's going to last until the end of the month (but no longer!). The publisher reports that we sold more than 900 copies in a week, compared to the usual two or so. Prices do matter. So does giving people "an excuse and a deadline." And so does the publicity.

Thanks particularly to InstaPundit, Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution (who also has a substantial review of the book on the Amazon site), Nick Gillespie at Reason, and Manolo the Shoeblogger for spreading the word. And thanks to everyone who follows me on Twitter for your patience with my repeated tweets on the subject.

Here's the Amazon link. Here's the Nook link. I believe it is also on sale in the Apple store.

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