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What Is Beauty?

Social scientists want to know. Swedish economist Niclas Berggren is asking Dynamist blog readers "to participate in a scientific study of beauty carried out by three academic economists: Associate Professor Niclas Berggren, The Ratio Institute, Dr. Henrik Jordahl, Uppsala University, and Professor Panu Poutvaara, University of Helsinki. They study how differences in beauty, and some related traits, are perceived, and for this purpose they need respondents from different countries. Respondents have the option to participate in a lottery with a 200 (approx. $235) prize."

The survey asks you to rate the looks of various people in head shots, on characteristics including beauty, trustworthiness, intelligence, and age. To participate, go to this link and write DYNAMIST as your city of residence. All replies are anonymous. The deadline for participation is December 8.

You can email questions to niclas.berggren-at-ratio.se.

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