DG Contest: Award-winning Cetaphil

Thanks to all who entered our last give away--Sarah S. of Palo Alto will be sip, sip, sipping her way to a glowing complexion with three months' worth of Glowelle.

Many  with very sensitive skin already know that nothing compares to Cetaphil. The National Eczema Association agrees and has awarded the skincare line their seal of acceptance.

A jar of Cetaphil's Moisturing Cream is the prize for the first reader to email me at (kate AT deepglamour DOT net) and tell me from what language is the word eczema derived.

New Family Shot With SPF 50 hi res

Editor's Note: New & Improved Comments

TypePad has a new comments format that allows threaded discussions and lets you keep track of all your comments on various blogs. It also lets commenters add a bit more personality--including a photo--to their comments. Set up your profile here and to see the format check out my test exchange with Kate here. (The deleted comment was mine as well.)