About Kate Coe

Dgk Kate Coe has been producing non-fiction television since the mid-80s. Her career started with the Peabody-winning PBS series Secret Intelligence, and moved steadily along with programming milestones such as The Wilton North Report (hailed as the "worst show on television ever"), Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn, Crimes of Passion, Crimes of the Century, and Crimes of Fashion. She collaborates with filmmakers, such as Yareli Arizmendi, Sergio Arau, Burt Kearns, Ken Bowser, Larry Charles, and Bill Maher, as an archival footage consultant, thus affording her time to watch many, many classic films.

She's been a staff writer for the Time-Life Books and the London Sunday Times, and writes frequently about film and media for for a number of publications including Fast Company, LA Weekly, and Grist.

Personal motto: Never unintentionally rude.