Naming The Octuplets, Collector's Edition (Beanie Babies?)

Nadya Suleman, the mother of the octuplets, is reported as favoring names from the Old Testament.  Her mother, who's got the patent on passive-aggressive communication, told Us magazine:

the girls' names sound nice but are "pretty unusual."

 Baal-zephon? Zaacai? Habazinaiah? Gomer? More unusual than Mormon names?

As of now, the little miracles are known as Baby A, Baby B, and so on, all the way to H.  Baby name sites are abuzz with the possiblities for the 6 boys and 2 girls.

Mega-family, the Duggars, opted for the  same first initial for all offspring, which makes monogrammed hand-me-down  easy, but lacks imagination.

The Texas octuplets were given traditional Nigerian  names, as if they weren't unusual enough.

David Carter, thinking ahead, suggests Suleman get cracking on registering those domain names.

Choosing a child name is an act so fraught with social anxiety. The Salon Table Talk board regularly castigates any name deemed to be uneek and kre8tive, and they went on for days about the Palins.  The forums at Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing are very fun to read.

I think she should stick with the ABC theme, and call that last little bugger, Hellzapoppin.

Idle thought--now that Michelle Obama put the kibosh on Sasha and Malia dolls,  why doesn't Ty come out with Octuplet Beanie Babies? Collect 'em, swap 'em, trade 'em with your friends.

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