Lust To Dust: Jane Cosmetics Files For Chapt. 11

Mid-range, but raved-about, makeup brand Jane is filing for bankruptcy, which will be sad news for fans of the super-saturated colors.  Jane wasn't so hard to find as to be a cult brand, but gave a lot of punch for few bucks at the drugstore.

Vc284a Makeup aficionados love to mourn the lost (and perfume freaks are even worse), and rightly so.  No high-priced brand can match the sprightly packaging of Yardley's Eau de London scent and makeup collections today-- I know a graphic artist who still has all those cute little china pots,  with  their shimmering contents are long departed.  Of course, the company abandoned Carnaby Street, and  fans abandoned them.  
That's Jean Shrimpton in the print ad--love that line Self-Realization, His Capitulation.

Love had Ali McGraw as a model, and a great eyeshadow --Lovelids, which came in an eyeball shaped container, which sounds creepy but it was cute, honest. 

What becomes of the discontinued, once was loved but now departed? The internet abounds with info.  You gotta shop around.