Love In Black Launched By Creed: Jackie O-inspired

Loveinblacktssthumb500x479 is reporting that Creed will introduce a new fragrance based on elements of Jackie Kennedy Onassis's life and style:

Virginia cedar, reminiscent of where she rode her beloved horses; night-blooming wildflowers from the Greek isle where she wed Aristotle Onassis; irises from Florence, a city that she visited frequently; and French blackcurrant, evocative of her heritage and passion for things Gallic.

Considering she wore Guerlain's Jicky and a number of others, none of which were "violet-Oriental" as Love in Black is said to be, this could be a mis-reading of her persona. Still, her hsuband once described her as fey,  one meaning of which is marked by death.  Goth Jackie.

Scented Salamander has a long poetic review.  Fans of Luca Turin's reviews can wade through a PDF of his blog to glean his views on other Creed scents.