Diaphanous Dreams: Glamour, Fashion, And Faucets

Belo As Kit Pollard pointed out in her April 8th post on “Potty Glamour,” bathroom fixtures and glamour might at first glance seem an odd pairing. Yet Brizo has combined fashion and faucet design in a way that is truly remarkable. They have partnered with designer Jason Wu to create a fashion line (he designed Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown and was recently  mentioned on DG as a doll designer). Their ad campaigns feature images of women in flowing gowns photographed as they move underwater. You can see a video of such images moving across the screen here, along with faucets that magically flow into existence on sinks and bathtubs. The models’ flowing arms and arched feet reveal some level of ballet training, evoking another glamorous world.

But beyond these fantasy underwater images, you can buy gowns designed by Jason Wu that seem to flow like water as you walk. To see his outfits in action, go here. Many of the dresses for this show use translucent material. (The red gown shown in the photograph is last in the video.)

Photo8 I am reminded of 17th-century poet Robert Herrick’s lines:

WHENAS in silks my Julia goes,
Then, then, methinks, how sweetly flows
That liquefaction of her clothes.