Domino Mag Asks: Jackie Or Nancy?

Yellowroomjackie       Yellowroomnancy

On the left, we have the White House's Yellow Room as envisioned by Jackie Kennedy. On the right, the Yellow Room under the direction of Nancy Regan. (Photos by Architectural Digest)

Domino Magazine wants your vote on who decorated better. Oh, it is so on!

Too close to call?? Maybe this will help-- the two ladies' takes on the public Red Room. Jackie on left, Nancy on right (photos by John F. Kennedy Library and by White House Historical Assoc.)

Kennedy_red_room_3 Reagan_red_room_3

Perhaps your winner is starting to emerge, but the next picture will surely help you seal the deal. I give you, via Domino of course, the First Ladies' dressing rooms.

Jackie's is the powder blue and Nancy's is the peach:

Jfk_dressing_room_ad    Regan_dressing_room_ad

I know my winner. Do you have yours?

Who did I pick? Well, there are certain color combos I can do without, and one of them happens to be red and yellow, plus there's my intense loathing of peach, so you can take a big, wild guess and you'll probably be right.

But don't be silent, fellow Americans! Tell us or Domino how you really feel.