Charisma Vs. Glamour: Side By Side Comparisons

As a followup to the post below, I thought it might be useful to create a chart of characteristics distinguishing charisma from glamour. (My thanks to Lou D'Elia of the Pancho Barnes Trust Estate for suggesting the aural/visual distinction.)

Charisma vs glamour qualities

And since charisma is a personal characteristic, it's also helpful to compare people, real or fictional, who exemplify the two traits. (I also threw in a couple of non-humanoid examples.) The photo of Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II is also a nice reminder of the religious origins of the concept of charisma. In its original, and strongest, meaning it is not just stage presence but a spiritual gift that draws followers to share a leader's commitment and calling.

Charisma vs glamour examples 

Add your own contrasts in the comments.