Love In Black Launched By Creed: Jackie O-inspired

Loveinblacktssthumb500x479 is reporting that Creed will introduce a new fragrance based on elements of Jackie Kennedy Onassis's life and style:

Virginia cedar, reminiscent of where she rode her beloved horses; night-blooming wildflowers from the Greek isle where she wed Aristotle Onassis; irises from Florence, a city that she visited frequently; and French blackcurrant, evocative of her heritage and passion for things Gallic.

Considering she wore Guerlain's Jicky and a number of others, none of which were "violet-Oriental" as Love in Black is said to be, this could be a mis-reading of her persona. Still, her hsuband once described her as fey,  one meaning of which is marked by death.  Goth Jackie.

Scented Salamander has a long poetic review.  Fans of Luca Turin's reviews can wade through a PDF of his blog to glean his views on other Creed scents.

Quotable: Joan DeJean On French Perfume

Soir"Remember those classic fragrances with wonderfully evocative names: Jolie Madame, or Soir de Paris, Evening in Paris? They held out the promise of all the elegance of the chic Parisienne, all the glamour and romance of Parisian nightlife, distilled and captured in a bottle, like a genie ready to pop out and work its magic. The look of Paris and the essence of style, all for sale in a little violet blue flacon. How would the modern perfume industry have marketed its mythical scents without the mystique of Paris to back them up?"

--Joan DeJean, The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafes, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour