Glam Or Spam? Special Inaugural Edition

What do you think of Michelle Obama's inauguration outfit, by Isabel Toledo? Kate Betts at Time calls it "glamorous," while LAT blogger Elizabeth Snead explains its practicalities.

But a harsh Groomzilla weighs in by email: "Heinous! The dead sunflower color with the ridiculous rhinestone collar was a huge miss. Was she wearing a glittering poncho over a ballgown?  Was it a halter dress clasped at the neck with a brooch, covered by a sequined capulet with shoulder pads? What on earth was she thinking? Her daughters looked elegant and glowing. Mom looked like she stumbled into the Laura Bush Collection for Kohl's."

"Heinous" seems rather strong to me, but the Laura Bush comparison rings true: She does seem to be playing "First Lady." Groomzilla notwithstanding, the outfit struck me as safe, though the olive gloves were a creative touch. Olive isn't my favorite, but I do love leather gloves in interesting colors.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Cathy Horyn narrates a slideshow of Michelle Obama's inaugural week fashions, with good photos I hadn't seen elsewhere. I'd never thought about what a large wardrobe of coats she has.