Alexander McQueen: Designer, Artist, Visionary

The untimely death of British fashion design Alexander McQueen has been covered in a number of articles already (the best is the Telegraph obituary). Most describe him as an enfant terrible and as the "bad boy of British fashion," focusing on the goth edge for which he was famous.

Those that take a closer look at McQueen's life and career portray him as something rare - a creative visionary who also possessed superb technical skills. He will be remembered as a risk-taking designer with a penchant for skulls, but also as a technically excellent tailor. Despite his talent for couture, McQueen's take on fashion lacked any snobbery (his McQ collection sold at Target in he spring of 2009) and he considered individualized style more important than brand.

McQueen's startling creativity is on full display in this brief clip from his Fall 2006 show at Paris Fashion Week, in which a hologram of Kate Moss floats above his runway:

Alexander McQueen's edgy aesthetic, technical brilliance, and dramatic vision will certainly be missed.