Ellen Barkin Bites Back With HBO Pilot

Ellen-barkin-age-53 According to Page Six, movie star/trophy wife/waterglass warrior Ellen Barkin will executive produce and star in a pilot  for HBO. Somehow, execs there set aside thinking "out of the box" and decided that Barkin's considerable talents are best used by having her play herself. The premise:

 A woman, "famous for her high-profile marriage, who divorces and re-enters the singles market"

And who better to help navigate these waters? Shauna Cross, writer of the novel Derby Girl and subsequent movie,  Whip It, starring Drew Barrymore. Writers fall in and out of fashion faster than Opi polish colors, and Cross can't be blamed for taking everything that comes her way. (Diablo Cody is busy, thanks.)  No doubt, dating in Manhattan is like roller derby.

Seasoned actresses  are be grateful for small favors, though, and the idea of a woman over 50 on TV who's not clutching a dish towel is a reason to rejoice.  Barkin's best when she's a sort of updated Lauren Bacall, all low tones and tawny tresses, but she's got an edge like cracked concrete. Seems a pity to waste her on a character who's all too reminiscent of Sex in the City, Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia et al.

I'd rather see her as--oh I don't know--the tough head of an interstate trucking company (High Heels and 18 Wheels) or an ex-wife of an outed politician (Arianna McGreevey!), or a much-loved symbol of a beleagured food conglomerate (Mrs. Butterworth Fights Back) or the widow of a rock idol, fighting his kids for  his musical legacy (Priscilla vs. the Love Kids). Anything but a woman dating.