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TED Themes: Saving the Oceans

I spent last week at TED@PalmSprings, the cheaper, more intimate (and, we PSers liked to imagine, cooler) simulcast of the famed TED conference going on in Long Beach. TED is an intense, immersive experience with a hugely varied program: 50 18-minute talks or performances, plus 36 three-minute presentations, in three and a half days--not counting pre-conference tours (I visited a windmill farm) and, at Palm Springs, two mornings of TEDDIY sessions during which attendees gave still more three-minute talks.

It would be insane to try to summarize the conference (for detailed talk summaries see Ethan Zuckerman's blog) but a couple of themes did emerge.

Read the rest, and more posts later in the day, on The Atlantic's new business channel's blog.

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